The effects of different sleep positions on your spine, breathing and health.

We all have our favorite sleeping positions. This favorite sleep positions have various effects on our health. A snorer facing up will likely snore the highest, causing discomfort for people around him/her.
Some people tends to feel weaker when they wake up in the morning, some of them will think that the weakness was caused by the activities of the previous day. But in the actual sense, it may have nothing to do with the previous day. Your sleep position might be the reason for waking up weak and tired.
However, knowing the different sleep positions and its effect on your health, will help you to weigh their pros and cons, in order to select the one that is best for your health.

Different sleep positions and effects

Facing up with arms by the side (soldier position)

A person lying in the soldier sleeping position by the left and a person sleeping on the starfish position

This sleeping position as the name implies is characterized by people that take their lives seriously. It is when the individual sleep on their back with their arms straight down at their side.
This sleep position is ideal for resting your backbone, neck and fingers. Just as the savasana pose in yoga, this sleeping position also helps your neck and spine to maintain a neutral position.
Also, it reduces the problem of acid reflux, your head is generally elevated, which implies that the stomach is in a lower position to the oesophagus making it difficult for stomach acid to move back up.
In addition, it helps to prevent wrinkles and face breakouts. Women sleeping in this position are more likely to maintain a perky breast because the breast weight is supported.
Although, it is sometimes regarded as the best sleeping position, it also has its own disadvantages. You will snore the more if you lie down facing up. It can also lead to sleep apnea.

Starfish (back position with arms up)

This sleeping position also has similar advantages as the soldier position. They only difference between the two is that your arms is up near the head instead of down by the side.
It also causes snoring and sleep apnea. It can also lead to shoulder pain due to the pressure exacted on the shoulders. It is advisable to switch to the soldier position instead of the starfish position.

The log position

Someone sleeping with the log position by the left and someone sleeping by the yearner position by the left.

This is a sleeping position recommended for snorers. It also helps in preventing acid reflux. It is an ideal position to prevent neck and back pain.
It is simply sleeping on your side with your arms at your side. It is an ideal sleeping position for pregnant women.
This sleeping position can be a cause of winkles. It also contributes to a sagged breast too. When the breast lacks support, the breast will dangle downward, stretching the ligaments.

The yearner position

This is simply sleeping on your side with your arms out in front of you. It is just a variation of the log position. People that sleep in this position have a suspicious personality trait.
This sleeping position has similar advantages to the log position. It mainly helps in keeping the spine aligned.
It has similar disadvantages as the log position too, but a specific disadvantage of the yearner position is that it causes additional pressure on the shoulder and arms, leading to soreness.

A person lying with the fetal position by the left and a person sleeping with the freefaller position by the right

Fetal position

This is simply sleeping on your side with your knees curled towards the chest. People sleeping in this position are usually tough on the outside but very soft on the inside (their personality trait), mostly women.
However, it is not a good sleeping position. It distorts the alignment of the spine. It also obstructs the movement of the diaphragm too. Which implies that you may not breathe as deeply as you would had in a better position.

It is advisable to switch to log position, if you practice the fetal of yearner sleeping position.

The free faller position

This is simply lying on your stomach with your head turned to the side. People sleeping in this position are usually friendly and sociable too.
However, it is not a good sleeping position for those that doesn’t have digestive issues. It is generally considered as a bad sleeping position because it involves turning your head to a side for a very long period of time. Your spine is also not properly aligned too.
It is advisable to try other sleeping positions if you are not having other digestive issues.

From these different sleeping positions, you can now choose the one best for you, but soldier position is always highly recommended. Moreover, if you don’t find it very comfortable, you can also switch to the log sleeping position.

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