Shaving of armpit hairs. Why and how to shave your armpit region.

Shaving of armpit hairs is one of the hygienic practices recommended in order to avoid the growth of bacteria and other germs in the armpit region. However, it can be a little irritating due the sensitivity of the skin below the armpit. But, if we shave the right way, we will have a bump free armpit.

Offensive smell from the armpit and reason for that

The body has two types of sweat gland, the apocrine and eccrine glands. Both secrets their substances out of the body surface, instead into the blood stream. These two glands have some major differences, the apocrine is found in the armpit region, genital organs and around the nipples (reason for the smell in these areas). While eccrine is found in every other part of the skin.
Apocrine gland produces sweat that contains protein, fats and other substances, which makes it stickier. When the sweat combines with the bacteria around the armpit, it then produces a very offensive odor (usually increased when hair is present). Little children don’t have this characteristic odor, due to the fact that this gland starts functioning only from puberty.
Shaving off the armpit hair makes it possible for you to reduce the effectiveness of the bacteria sweat interaction helping to reduce bad odour.

Reasons for shaving of armpit hair.


Armpit sweat stains can be irritating some of the times, especially for light color clothes. Shaving off your armpit can help to reduce the stain a little.

Good hygienic practice

A young woman with a clear armpit holding her hands up.

Shaving your armpit region is a highly recommended hygienic practice. The breaking down of sweat by bacteria causes the usual offensive smell. When you shave the armpit area, it will be more difficult for the bacteria to thrive. Also, it will make it easier for fragrance and deodorant to do their works better.

Nice smell

Shaving of your armpit region will generally reduce body odor, as the odor contributed by the armpit is reduced. If you are fitting body odor, I advise you start by shaving your armpit.


Undoubtedly, shaving of armpit hair looks cooler than a bushy armpit. Forget about the trend, I advise you shave your armpit because you will look better.


Apply oil before shaving

If you want the smoothest shave, apply oil on your armpit region, 24hours before shaving. It will give an intensive hydration.
Also, make sure to use thick oil like Olive. Using thick oil will make it more difficult for the skin to absorb the oil, but it will also give a more intensive hydration.
Remember, that the oil you applied may affect or stain your cloth, so we advise you wear one of your old cloth or a dark colored cloth after applying the oil.

Choose the appropriate Razor

Shaving stick with multiple blade also a blue color.

To get an effective and smooth shave, it is highly recommended that you should use the right razor. A sharp razor with steps is recommended. Also remember to change your razor after three to four use, so it can be sharp when using. You can rub it against a jean material, for like fifteen times to make it sharper.
Also ensure that the razor has a rubber grip, this will help you to hold it firmly in shower. Get a mini-razor too, so you can use it to shave those hard to reach areas too.


stretch your armpit skin

After applying the shaving cream, ensure that you stretch the skin on your armpit area to produce a smooth surface for razor to move freely. Doing this can be a little difficult, but I recommend you raise the hand above your head, this will produce the smoothest area for the razor.

Shave in different directions

A person shaving downwards and a person shaving sideways

Your armpit hairs grow in various directions. So shaving in a particular direction can cause skin irritation. When shaving, move the razor both downward and sideward too. Also try to shave in other direction too, if your skin is not too sensitive.

Avoid shaving against the grain, although it gives the smoothest effect. But it can cause skin irritation. Remember to avoid adding pressure to the blade, you will only end up cutting your skin, once the razor is sharp, it will effectively do its job.

rinse blade as you shave

Each time you shave, your razor picks up dirt, shaving cream and bacteria, making it difficult to use the blade. So it is highly recommended to rinse the blade each time to get rid of these bacteria and dirt too. A clean razor will also cut more effectively.

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Wash with cold water

After shaving it is advisable to rinse your armpit with cold water, hot water will open the skin more, making it easier for bacteria and germs to penetrate.
Washing with cold water will also ensure that the cut out hairs and dirt are effectively gotten rid of.

Lubricate the armpit

After shaving, it is advised to use moisturizing agents to soothe the irritation that shaving might cause. It is advisable to use unscented cream in doing this to avoid further irritation. Also, remember to apply appropriate anti-bump treatment.


If you are always irritated after shaving, it might be caused by your soft skin. Also, the type of shaving cream and products like deodorant you are using can also cause bumps on your armpit. It is advisable to know what your skin may react to and the right products for your skin.
But, by common sense and these tips on shaving of armpit hairs, you can reduce such irritation and produce the smoothest effect after shaving.
Also, remember to shave towards the evening period. Reason is that your skin will have enough time to repair some damage caused by shaving before the next day. Remember to tell us your opinion in the comment box below, please click to join our email list to receive our latest post. Also remember to share our post on social media by clicking those buttons below.

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