How to make your man happy and have his love alone.

Before any relationship can work, it will require a reasonable effort from both parties. Spicing your love life should not be a painful process as a lady, it only takes little adjustment of your behaviors. The same way you desire to be loved and cherished by your man, that is the same way he wants you to love him. Here are some of the things that will increase the love he has for you.

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Women are guided with their intuitive ability, they can easily notice when things are not going the way there should. It makes it difficult for them to trust most of the time. Do not confront him about his cute neighbor, co-worker or friend. Accusing your man all the time will not help your relationship. Spying on him will only give you heartbreak. A relationship built on trust will last longer. You will never feel secure, if you don’t trust him. Try to compromise, it help in keeping your relationship stable.


Self-care is an intentional action you take to improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being. This involves being conscious of what you eat, wear, generally how you appear in the public. Self-care is very important in a ladies life. No man will be comfortable with a lady that has body odor or the dirty one. Although, they will not tell you, but their action will clearly do so. When your man refuses to go out you, it does not always mean that He is cheating on you, sometimes it is a clear message that you are not taking good care of yourself.
Take good care of yourself, be mind of your dressing, eat responsibly and always visit the gym to maintain a good shape. It will definitely attract your man to you.

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Please encourage him when is trying a new thing. Everyone needs someone to cheer them up, it makes us feel stronger and confident.
Generally, women are more verbal, but guys also need to talk sometimes too. Give him a listening ear whenever He is talking.


Being available 24/7 or trying to please him all the time might not be advisable. It kills the vibes in the relationship, make him to miss you sometimes.
It is true you want a man that will keep you safe and make you his priority. But don’t always expect him to cater for your every single need. Don’t be a burden to him, but if He decides to provide all your need, it is perfect.
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