Is sleeping naked healthy? Benefits of sleeping naked you should know.

How can sleeping naked affect me? It is very unpopular and might also sound awkward to some persons whenever this topic is raised. A quality sleep is an uninterrupted one. It helps in your mood regulation and cognitive functions. Sleeping naked can improve the quality of sleep. Apart from that, there are other amazing benefits one can derive by going commando.

Why should I sleep naked
Sleeping naked makes you feel cool

Why you should sleep naked

The major reason that you should sleep naked is to avoid clothes from interfering in your body’s natural thermoregulation process.
Human body regulates its temperature. Your body temperature is lowest in the early hour and is highest in the mid day. When you are sleeping, your body temperature tends to reduce. If you are wearing pajamas, your body will have to deal with an external factor, reducing the quality of your sleep.

Amazing benefits of sleeping naked

Improves Vagina health

Sleeping naked will keep you safe from yeast infection. Wearing wet underwear increases the risk of bacterial infection. Even if your underwear is not wet, it can also trap moisture leading to vaginal infection. Sleeping naked makes it possible for air to cool your body and also get lid of moisture from your vagina, preventing bacterial growth.

It can help you save little money

Sleeping naked is pocket friendly. It reduces the need to pump A/C during hot weather. This is because sleeping without cloth keeps you cool. You will also save the money you should have used to buy night wears.

You sleep better in hot weather

During summer, the temperature increases generally. Sleeping most of the time tends to be difficult and uncomfortable. Consider sleeping naked during this period, it helps to avoid extra body temperature increase caused by your cloth. This will help you to sleep more comfortable.

It improves libido

You might be married or currently living with you partner. Imagine sleeping together with your bodies having a one on one contact. It will improve your sexual drive and also increases the love in your relationship
The skin contact improves general oxytocin production, leading to a lower blood pressure and reduced anxiety.
Also, research also proved that those sleeping naked tends to have a more fantastic relationship than those who sleep with pajamas and other clothing.

Save a little time in the morning

If you sleep with pajamas, you tend to move around the house during the early hours. But, when you sleep naked, you will wake up stronger and there are higher chances that you will start getting ready for the day activities immediately.

Improves your sleep quality

Sleeping naked allows every part of your body to receive fresh air, enhancing the quality of your sleep.
This will help the building and repairing of damaged tissue to occur without interruption. Your brain will also get a proper rest leading to a healthier life.

Skin health

Sleeping naked improves the overall quality of your sleep, thereby improving your skin health. It is also proven that quality sleep have a greater impact on your health than eating quality foods. However, both quality food and sleep is very important to your health.

Improves sperm quality

Sleeping naked is very beneficial to men. It helps the testes to maintain their ideal temperature, leading to the production of a healthier sperm. Men that sleep naked tend to produce a higher quality sperm than those that don’t sleep naked.

Amazing benefits of sleeping naked
Sleep naked to feel good

Regulation of body cortisol

Cortisol is the body hormone associated with stress and anxiety. The production of cortisol tends to increase with increased temperature. When you sleep naked it helps to control body temperature increase and also the production of cortisol. This will help you to wake up happier and also reduce anxiety and depression for you.


Seeing all the fantastic benefits of sleeping naked, it is advisable to try it out.
However, it is not advisable to go commando (naked) during cold weather or when you are sick, except you wish to worsen your condition.
Also, if you are among those that the idea of sleeping naked sounds awkward to, even after reading this post. Then you are advised to wear material made of silk, flannel and bamboo. Bamboo is antibacterial helping you to avoid yeast infection. Also avoid wool, cotton and fleece.

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