How 48hrs rule can turn your relationship around.

Ever heard of the 48hrs rule? What is this all about? How can I use it to my advantage? What is the use of 48hrs rule in relationship? This are some questions you may be asking yourself now.

Anyway, if you don’t know about it before, it is a rule used by many people to improve their relationship. Also at work, home and other places. It is almost impossible for some of us to control our anger and emotions. Most of the times, we tend to regret things that we did when were angry. This rule advises us to wait for 48hrs before reacting, when we are offended. Most times after 48hrs, you will discover that getting at the person is not necessary.

A friend of mine told me how he learnt this rule the hard way. He was having misunderstanding with a friend, he could not control his anger and this ended up in a fight. He only realized how foolish his action was when the police arrested him.However, assuming he evaluated his decision or waited for 48 hours, he might not have ended up in the police station.
Interestingly, this rule has many applications, but I am focusing on its application in relationship with your spouse or partner.

However, misunderstanding is something that is almost inevitable in any relationship. Partners can quarrel, it is normal. But, your ability to control your emotions during this period is what makes the difference. Sometimes your partner can do something that will make you feel like ending the relationship immediately, but this rule advises that you should not take decision in anger, wait for 48 hours before taking action.
It is not necessary to complain about everything your partner does.

Complaining can kill your relationship like a cancer cell. Just keep quiet and wait for 48 hours, I don’t think it is too much. After then you can talk if you still think it is necessary to tell them. Else you just forget about it entirely.

Although I am focusing on the use of 48hrs rule in relationship, but this can also be applied in all aspect of life. As a mother it will help to improve your relationship with your children, if you decide to use it.

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