Licking the vagina discharge is safe, check out the health benefits

Your vagina discharge contains numerous of probiotic bacteria. These same bacteria are the major reason we consume healthy products from kimchi, pickles, kombucha, yoghurt etc. if we consume these products, why not the more healthy pussy?

Vaginal discharge is a whitish fluid that has a major function of lubrication for easy penetration of the penis. It also shows that the woman is in the mood for sex.

Women that indulge in oral sex will testify to the kind of pleasure derived from it. Men also enjoy that too, although some may find it disgusting, especially if the woman’s pussy produces a foul smell. You shouldn’t jump to eat every available pussy.

A woman wearing white underwear. Covering her vagina region with a red material.

According to elite daily, “The taste of a vagina comes mostly from the fluids in it, and is thus stronger inside the vagina itself than in the external parts. The taste is not quite sour, but somewhat astringent, perhaps because the vagina is, after all, acidic.” Although some have a fishy odor, due to bacteria overgrowth condition known as bacterial vaginosis.

Also smoking can change the taste of your vagina, same as alcohol.
Vagina and its discharge is a whole topic for another day, now let focus on the health benefits of eating pussy.

Health benefits of eating vagina discharge

Prevents heart diseases and cancer.

Hormones such as the DHEA Hormones and Oxytocin are being produced during oral sex. These hormones are capable of preventing cancer to an individual. This shows that people eat pussy frequently are at a lower risk of suffering from any form of cancer.
This was also confirmed by a research carried out by the state University of New York. The research showed that most people that eat vagina discharge are at a lower risk of suffering from heart diseases and cancer. Making the vagina discharge the healthiest food a man should think of eating.

Aids digestion.

Lactobacillus, commonly called probiotis, affects the digestion of almost everything in your body. Most times, we buy products that contain these bacteria to aid our stomach. Forgetting the natural and more efficient source of this bacteria.

If the vagina is full of bacteria, and people are eating as much good bacteria as they can by consuming products like yoghurt, why not just eat a bunch of vagina? Surprisingly, there are about 100,000 to 100 million Lactobacillus cells per gram of vaginal fluid.

Free you from depression

Next time you feel depressed, don’t try to kill yourself with alcohol. Just look for the next available pussy, it will benefit you in different ways.

At the same time you are making her relieved, probiotics discharged from the vagina is during the work of elevating your mood.

This is a proven way of fighting depression.

Boosting mental health.

According to studies, when a woman orgasms, she releases oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine all of which can be beneficial in reducing body pains.

These hormones help in improving mental state and also physical state too. Sex usually soots pain better than even massage.

Safety measures.

Under normal conditions, eating vagina fluid is very safe. You are at a lower risk of contacting STDs during oral sex, so don’t panic much.

But, please bear in mind that caution must be applied. It is of your best interest to know this person in terms of personal hygiene and medical records. Also, if it does not smell normal, don’t take the risk.

A woman wearing short, looking inside her vagina,

How to make the vagina discharge taste better?

Though it is not scientifically proven, but according to people who are experts in oral sex. There are certain foods that can improve the taste of vaginas.
Pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, mango, green tea, cucumber and parsley are known to make Vagina taste better.


Seeing all the amazing benefits of Oral sex, it is time you should start exploring it. But remember not to be in a hurry, make love to her. You can start by kissing the neck, then squeezing the boobs, whispering in her ears, making her to feel insanely horny.
Now she is in the mood, go down and start licking the lips with your tongue, then you can now enjoy the moment.

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This article is for educative purpose and not to be substitute professional medical advice.

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