Foods that can improve your brain and boost your memory.


Food is a very important part of our lives, it is the primary source of energy in our body, it is also important in the development of new cells in the body. In fact, food is an indispensable part of human life.

The brain is the engine and controls station of the human body, it controls every other parts of the body. Therefore, we should consider taking some specific types of food that will improve the effectiveness of the brain.
This post contains some foods that will boost your brain.

Vegetable soup
A health food

Water(very important)

Your brain is made up of 80% water, making water the main constituent of the brain. Drinking enough water can help you in several ways, including: maintaining your memory function, balancing your mood and emotions, reducing stress, increasing blood flow and also improving your concentration.
It is very important to keep yourself hydrated most of the times, dehydration can impair short-term memory and affect the recall of long-term memory

Oily fish

The body can only produce the non-Essential Fatty Acid, but the Essential Fatty Acid like docosohexaenoic acid (DHA), Alpha Linoleic acid (ALA) and Eisopentanoic acid (EPA). All this are omega-3 fatty acid and can be obtained from our diets.
Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained from sardine, salmon, tuna, mackerel , etc. your brain uses omega-3s to build brain and nerve cells. It also helps in learning and improves memory.

Fatty fish
Oily fish

Impaired learning and depression is sometimes associated with lack of omega-3 fatty acid. People that eat boiled fish is likely to have more gray matters. This gray matter contains most of the nerve cells that control decision making and emotion. Eating fish also have many amazing health benefits, so try to increase the amount of fish you consume.


Orange is very important to your brain as well as your body, it contain vitamin C, which help to protect age related decline in the brain.
According to a research in the university of reading. A group of adult above the age of 67 was consuming 500ml of orange juice daily for a period of 8 weeks, at the end of the period, their reaction time, verbal fluency and their memory was measured. The adults showed some improvement in cognitive function after the period. This research proves that inclusion of orange in our daily diets can boost the brain.



Eggs have been a major source of food to human over the years. Female animals produces egg but the most common and cheaply available is the egg of chicken.
Eggs contain most of the nutrients that help the brain, examples: vitamin B6 and B12, folate and Choline is very essential in the brain. Our body can synthesize much of our requirements, but we still need to consume some in our diet to avoid its deficiency. Choline plays a significant role in brain development and its normal function in adulthood. Higher intake of choline always leads to a better memory.
The vitamin B also helps to reduce homocysteine in the blood. High level of homocysteine is associated with increased risk of stroke and cognitive impairement.


Tomatoes is a very good source of lycopene and beracarotine. This two are powerful antioxidants, they eliminate free radicals from high concentration of omega-3 fats, the attack of free radicals is the roof cause of inflammation.
Lycopene is not only an antioxidant, it also regulates genes that influence inflammation and brain growth.


Vitamin B is indispensable in a healthy brain diet, one of this is vitamin B12, which is only found in animal products. Strict vegans can use legume as an alternative source of vitamin B. beans is one of the readily available leguminous plant. You may not be a fan of beans because it releases offensive gas, so you can start with a small portion of it.


Avocado pear
Avocado pear

Avocadoes contain healthy unsaturated fats that help keep your brain cell membranes flexible. Avocadoes is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which help in regulating mood and emotion.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are filled with nutritional benefits, from immune boosters to healthy brain development. It is considered as a brain food. It helps the brain to function effectively. It also contain nutritional elements needed to help clear brain fog.


There are other foods that can help to improve your brain function like nuts, broccoli, blueberry etc. we only presented the more available ones in the market. Eating brain friendly food will help boost your memory and make you more productive.

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