Every college girl wardrobe must contain these fashion items.

Being a student is always fun. Events pops up all the time, some are planned, while others are not even necessary, but all of them are the things that will make your undergraduate days memorable. No doubt, our instinct teaches us some of these items every college girl wardrobe should contain.

But, I think is necessary I share some of them here, so you can update your wardrobe, if you lack any of the items in the list above.

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College girl wardrobe fashion essentials.

Plain white shirt.

A lady on white shirt plain shirt, wearing a black necklace
(Photo: Instagram/ Lolaoj)

Plain white shirt a must have, it can match a black skinny jeans, blazer or a pencil skirt. Also, you can wear it to class, interviews and other related events.

Black Dress

Black dresses is cool for all skin color, you can wear it to different outings. But keep these few tips in mind when wearing a black dress.

  • ¬†Make sure the black dress is fitted rather than shapeless and drab
  • Vary the texture and fabric, wearing all black that is only cotton can be a little dull.
  • Add beauty to your dressing with a change in lipstick color (maybe deep red or light pink).
  • Accessories can also add beauty to your black dress too.


Black dress is really a versatile outfit that you must have. you can check out 5 rules for wearing all black


A blonde hair hair lady with scarf

Scarf is one of the simple items, you should add to your wardrobe. It mainly adds beauty and style to your dressing. It serves as a color popper and also help to keep you warm in cold weathers.



It is a dope fashion item that can be used to create professional, dressy or casual look. You can pair it with your fitted gown, button-down shirts, jeans and T-shirts. It is better to wear a blazer that is fitted and not constricting your movement when buttoned.


A lady wearing a pink and white sneakers

You can pair your sneaker with many of your dresses, sneaker can help to bring out the beauty in you dressing.


Leggings are always super easy to dress up or dress down. You can wear it casually to hang around the house or to class. You can also dress classy with leggings in different ways. check out different ways to rock leggings. It is advisable to have at least four to five pair of this material.

Denim Jacket.


Denim jacket is cool for going to classes and concert too.

These items should be in the wardrobe of every fashion minded college girl. Also tell us your own opinion and things you think should be added too.


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