Be wise! Don’t say these to your woman. Sharing

Be wise! Don’t say these to your woman.

Sharing deep secrets can be a way of improving intimacy in relationships. But, women tend to focus more on the little disrespect in the message you convey, ignoring everything else you said. Therefore it is necessary to mind what you say, to avoid hurting her or yourself too. Although you may feel the urge to say everything, but until both of you have gotten to a very high level of understanding, don’t say these things to her.

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Using negative comments.

Women like praises and pampering too, even if it is not genuine. Avoid finding faults in little things she does, maybe to please you. Even if she made a mistake, you can still encourage her by your words. Remember, no matter how bad her food is, never give a bad compliment on her wasted efforts.

Your past mischievous ways.

You might be a player, cheating in your formal relationship or even dating numerous ladies at the same time in the past. But, never tell her about all these things. It is your past, so bringing it up is very useless. Remember that keeping these things away from her will help to protect the level of respect she has for you. Also remember that protecting your own image is something you should always do.

Admitting your fears.

Everybody has their own individual fears and things that scare the individual. But never admit yours! When a girl is admitting her own fear to you, she is expecting you to be a man here by protecting her. Don’t admit that you fear spider or cockroach. No woman will want a guy that can’t protect himself.

Exposing your guys

Your friend may be the biggest playboy or he cheats on the girlfriend or wife. You are never right to disclose these details to a lady. She will end up not liking your friend and you are at risk too because she can assume that only like people move together.

 I want my mommy

Women like their men to be independent. Telling your girlfriend that you still depend on your mum for anything can affect the way she sees you. We all may depend on our parents for one thing or the other. But, don’t admit this to your girlfriend.

Your spending.

Never tell a girl how you spend your money or things you spend your money on. She is not expected to know all the details, unless the both of you share a common bank account.

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You are wrong or am right

We see everything in our own perspective. That you are right in your own senses doesn’t mean that she is wrong. Even if she is wrong, using that word can be very painful sometimes. No matter how good you will feel doing this, you shouldn’t. Always find a better way and choice of words to pass your message across.

Discriminating her outfits and hairstyle

Hairstyle and outfits are very important to a lady. She can invest a lot of her time to look good. Even though your opinion and compliment is required, don’t make it over critical.
Most times, your girlfriend only wants you to reassure her that she is beautiful on her outfit and not to critically examine and pick out faults from the dress.
Is not always what you said, but how you said it. You may be obsessed with saying the truth. But the truth is often painful and you don’t want to hurt your girlfriend.
Also, remember that there are possibilities that the relationship will end soon. So, keep few details to yourself to save your image.

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