7 common causes of your laziness, hindering you from your goals.

Laziness and achieving your goals can be very conflicting, sometimes you can feel the urge to do the right thing. But you remember that you have to reply a friend’s message on whatsapp. You then postpone your plan to another day.

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Laziness can be very interesting to you, when are developing the habit, you feel it is a deserved rest. But, it will surely become a habit after a period of time and prevent you from achieving many of your goals.
Some people have a laziness mentality. They try to set goals that allow them to be lazy. These groups of people generally prefer short-term gratification to doing things that will pay off in the future.
If you must fight this vice, it is necessary you understand the things that can cause laziness and how your day-to-day lifestyle can breed laziness.

7 common causes of laziness

1. Lack of motivation

Depression can make you lazy. You can do more when motivated.

It is clear that we hardly complete a task, if there is nothing motivating us to take up the task at first. Lack of motivation can be the ultimate cause of some people’s lazy attitudes. Imagine finding yourself in the wrong profession, the only thing you can do very well in this case is to just complain about everything. Starting from your boss to your co-workers, you keep on frustrating yourself, every single day that passes by. This will give you enough reason to justify your laziness, which will slowly creep into your personal life generally.
It is mostly advisable to take up career we love or do things we find fascinating. However, even if you don’t like what you are currently doing and you know you just have to do it. Then find something about what you are doing that will motivate you. Stop justifying your laziness!

2. Fear and self-esteem

William Shakespeare conveyed this idea in Antony and Cleopatra: “fortune knows we scorn her most when she offers blow.”
Some people prefer using not trying as their excuse for not succeeding. They have a very low self-esteem, which makes them to think that they don’t deserve success. At that same time, this group of people will not like to fail. So they will prefer to say that they never tried that’s didn’t get what they want.
This is also what makes some people to hate anything that have only long-term benefits. They are afraid of investing their time and energy in something they are not sure will yield a good result.

3. Lack of responsibilities

Irresponsibility is a great cause of laziness. Most people who grew up in privileged families surrounded with maids, to cook for them, wash their cloth and do almost everything for them are always very lazy. If you are one, then it is time to change some things about that and start taking up some responsibility.

4. Zero goals.

If you don’t have any goal for the day or for doing a particular thing, then why are you doing it at first? Lack of goals can be a major cause of laziness. When you don’t have any goal, you will find out that you can work from dawn till dusk without achieving anything. This will definitely give you a reason not to work at all next time.
It is good to have goals, for everything we do in life, this will help us to be focused and avoid distractions. Set goals and deadline for all your activities, so you can avoid wasting a single day of your life.

5. Our diets.

Our body and the brain need energy to carry out their activities. Not taking the proper meal, can deprive your body from the fuel needed to carry out its activities. Try to eat quality foods, to be able to carry out your day to day activities.
At the same time, remember to avoid eating too much of junk, this will add weight to your body, causing your body to be heavy, making you lazy.

6. Distraction

If you are one of those people who their mind is always floating, thinking about things unrelated to what you are doing, it means you are distracted. Distraction can come from social media, upcoming events, experiences etc.. When you are distracted, it becomes harder for you to complete your task.
You can control distraction by identifying the cause of the distraction and cutting it out. If you can’t completely cut it off, then reduce the amount of time you spend on them.

6. Procrastination

Always postponing our responsibilities, is a cause and sign of laziness, sometimes you tend to postpone your goal to handle less importance things. At the end of the day, you will discover that you didn’t achieve your goal for that day.
People who procrastinate lack the skills and strategy to bridge the gap between their intentions and actions. The only way you can fight procrastination is to take actions and stop postponing your responsibilities. You are fulfilled in life when you achieve those goals you regard as important. Why postponing it?
However, being lazy is not something you inherited from birth, so you can also change it now. Try to identify things making you lazy. Then, adjust them and make a more effective use of your life and time.

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