Benefits of kissing in marriage and relationship: how kissing affects you generally

Benefits of kissing

Kissing is generally regarded as a mere social pleasantry, a common way of ending a date. Kissing does not end with just the collision of lips and tongues it creates a kind of connection between the nerves of the persons involved. Originally, it was a way of passing germs from one person to another, in other to improve immunity. Apart from this functions, kissing also have other amazing benefits you can explore.

Playful kiss

Amazing facts about smooching

It helps in checking compatibility between two partners.

According to the anthropologist Helen Fisher, “kissing is a mate assessment tool”. Most times, first kiss can make or break attraction that a lady had for man.
According to a research, out of the 12 cranial nerves devoted to picking up sensation around our cheeks, tongue, nose and lips. 5 of them are devoted to picking up data around our mouth. These nerves pick up the most sensitive feelings. Therefore you can ascertain the level of connection between you and your partner by a simple kiss.

It increases self esteem

Cortisol is always released when you are stressed. Unhappy people have a higher level of cortisol than the normal. It is also proven that kissing reduces the body cortisol level and at the same time yourself worth. Men and Women usually have a decline in the level of cortisol after smooching.

Ideal for a healthy tooth

Deep kiss
Tongue to tongue kiss

Kissing stimulates the increased production of saliva in mouth. The excess saliva helps in lubricating your mouth and most importantly, it will wash away those harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay.
Also, saliva mineral ions increase the speed of repairs of minor injury in tooth enamel. But always ensure that you check people’s breath before kissing, it is a good oral hygienic practice.

Bonding in relationship

Kissing helps your partner to feel loved and connected. A caring kiss on your partner’s forehead alone will make him/her forget all their sorrows at that moment and increase the strength of the bonding in your relationship.
The actual thing that happens here is that oxytocin is released when you are smooching, leading to increased feelings of attachment and affection. This is more practical in a long term relationship, which kissing is given a lower priority.


Your brain produces stream of chemicals when you are kissing, this chemicals make you feel good. The most important among them is oxytocin (the love hormone), this hormone produces feelings of peace and calmness.
Also, cortisol is reduced at same time, reducing stress and feeling of anxiety.

Reduces blood pressure

Kissing lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. When these blood vessels are dilated, blood flow increases. Reduced cortisol will not only reduce stress, but will also reduce blood pressure.

Relieves headache

When blood pressure is lowered and your blood vessels dilate, blood gets to your important organs faster, helping to relieve headache and also menstrual cramps. Is good you know this, your partner cannot be using headache as an excuse again.

Burn calories

A passionate kiss burns up to 26 calories of fat per minute. But it is not an ideal workout for someone trying to lose weight.

It tones your facial muscles

Kissing always involves your facial muscles. kissing regularly can help in toning your facial muscles and also makes you look younger.

It improves the immune system.

No two persons have exact set of germs in their mouth, during deep kiss, foreign bacteria is introduced to our body through the mouth. These foreign bacteria can help to boost the immune system.

It is a prelude to sex

Romantic Kiss
Romantic Kiss

It is common to kiss before sex. Testosterone is always released during a prolonged kiss, it is the hormone that is responsible for sex drive.

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Also, male are more likely to initiate open-mouth kissing and tongue contact than female, this is because the male saliva contain higher amount of this testosterone.

Kissing romantically
Always kiss to make your sexual experience awesome

Kissing also has other amazing benefits. It is one of the simple ways of spicing your relationship.

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