Common attitudes you can recognize in a narcissist.

Narcissist personality disorder.

A mental disorder characterized with an individual elevated sense of self-importance, need for undivided attention and lack of empathy for others. But within a narcissist is a weak person with high sense of insecurity and low-esteem.

It causes the problem in every aspect of the individual life and also makes life unbearable for those around them.

Although,there is no identified cause of this personality disorder. But, excessive adoration or criticism from parents can make a child to develop this disorder as he/she grows up. Also, male are more susceptible to this condition than female.

A woman was once complaining bitterly about her narcissist daughter. How the little girl makes life unbearable for everybody in the family.

The young girl thinks she deserves all things, she eats everything she wants, no matter the cost, leaving the rest of the family to survive on what is left. The young girl always believes everybody is bullying her.

Seeing the way she complained, I felt sorry for her. Imagine, a whole family undergoing regular abuse just for one person. This is how terrible it can be when you are dealing with one.

Spotting this group of people out in your day-to-day activities, is vital to avoid being trapped in there web.

Behaviors you can recognize in narcissist.

love to be control

One thing about this group of people is they desire to control every situation. They like to dictate what happen in their personal life, what happens in their family. Their partner must be submissive because that’s the only thing that can bring peace.

A narcissist tends to avoid critical and independent people in their circle of friends. Only those that s/he can subdue are close to them. You can find this attitude in many politicians.

Wants all the attention

Narcissist adores being the center of attention. They dominance and at the same time will not tolerate attention being shifted to someone else in their group (especially same-sex).

Also, discussing with a narcissist can be very boring. All s/he talks about is just self. Even if the topic is about someone else, they will surely find a way to the discussion s/he.

Capitalize your kindness as weakness

If you deal with this group of persons, the kinder you are, the meaner they become. They see themselves as special to the extent that they can brag about meaningless things. They can brag of their ability to “cut people out”, be “harsh”, how they love minding their business and other trivial matters.

Most of the time, you may feel such statement is because of their mood or that you misunderstood them. You can even feel guilty for nothing, just because of how they make things appear. It is really terrible to have them as partner.

It is not your fault that they have an incessant mood swing or that their take small things very serious. This is just their nature.

Hate criticism but love to humiliate others

A narcissist finds every small thing as criticism, including being told they’ve hurt you. Thinking that using logic to explain a narcissist action or how it hurts you, will change them, is a practical waste of time. Even when to communicate an ideal to them in a reasonable way, they will think you are deceiving them. A narcissist won’t concede or agree with you, even when you are right.

But, their enjoy using hurtful comment on people, break laws just to get back at someone. Their major aim is to devalue you and make you look stupid. All their ideas are eastern like while you are an idiot.

Laziness, lack of responsibility and play blaming game

He wants to be in control but never want to take the responsibility, if anything goes wrong. Especially, if things didn’t work out as they planned. They are very good at shifting blames too.

It always has to be someone else fault. Sometimes, the blame can be shifted to the environment, government, school and so on. If you are the person closest to them or emotionally attached to them, you will receive the highest blame. They do this because they know you are the one that is less likely to leave or reject them.

Being in a relationship with a narcissist.

Having a narcissist spouse is always very terrible. They will always split everything happening into good and bad. S/ he will take the credits for the good ones, you will be receiving the blame for anything that went wrong.

They lack empathy with a constant need for self-protection, narcissist can’t truly love or connect emotionally with you.

Narcissist can be very terrible, they are very prone to cheating. They can cheat just to hurt their partner. Also, they can make their partners go without sex as a way to frustrate, humiliate and punish them.

They love portraying themselves as victims, love to share sad stories that happened to them.

A narcissist will never accept that anything is wrong with him/her. But according to Diagnostic and Statistical manual, which therapist uses as a guide, if someone is exhibiting majority of the above attributes, s/he can be identified as a narcissist.

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