Amazing Benefits of exercise. I bet you don’t know this

Benefits of exercise
Exercise is a physical activity, which involves moving your body parts, in order to improve health and fitness.
This physical activity can be in the form of running, jogging, dancing and even sex. When you exercise your body, you burn calories and releases energy.Here are some of the amazing health benefits of being consistent with physical exercise.


6 amazing benefits of exercise

Weight Loss

Inactivity and more calories are the major factors responsible for weight gain. So you can lose weight by burning more calories than you consume.
Exercise can help you reduce your weight. But, exercise is not enough when it comes to weight loss. You also need to reduce calories in your diet. This will definitely help you to lose muscles as well as fat.

Help your skin.

We focus more on the cardiovascular benefits of exercising, exercise can also help in the improvement of our skin too.
When you sweat, it helps your skin expel built up oil, pollutants and dirt that is on the surface of your skin. It is also advisable to clean up the skin after exercising, to get rid of the dirt.

Stress can take a toll on your body and your skin. It may also wear you out and make your skin to look rough. Exercising releases endorphins, this hormone will make you feel good and reduce tension in your body.

You feel happier

Depression is one of the worst feelings one can have, once you are not happy, you are more likely to be uncomfortable. We make attempts to reduce anxiety by eating, spending more time in front of the television or even consuming more alcohol. This things can only work for a short period, after this period it tends to increase what it is intended to reduce.
Exercise is one of the ways you can reduce anxiety without any after effect. It improves your mood and reduces depression. Exercise increases the production of endorphin, which is mainly responsible for the increased feeling of happiness, positive feeling and reduces the perception of pain.
It is also proved that exercise is highly recommended for a positive mood and higher productivity.

Building of muscles and bones

Exercise plays a very important role in building a stronger muscles and bones.
Exercise improves muscular strength. Resistance exercise, like weight lifting, is a way of increasing muscular strength. A stronger muscular system creates more force against resistance and if your muscles get stronger, it will protect your bones and joints from problems, such as arthritis.
Exercise also improves your appearance by altering your body composition.

Exercise helps your brain and memory.

There are numerous ways exercise can help your brain and memory. Exercising has the ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation and stimulate release of growth factors that affect the health of brain cells.
Many studies have proved that the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex (the part of the brain that control thinking and memory) have greater volume in people who exercise than those that don’t exercise.
Also, moderate exercise like walking for like an hour, maybe twice a week improves memory. If you don’t like walking, you can also consider swimming, tennis and even household activities can also serve. The essence is to get your heart pumping and also to sweat.

Reduce risk of chronic diseases.

Consistent moderate-intense exercise can save you from chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.
Exercise reduces overall body fat including intra-abdominal fat, which is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.
This intra-abdominal fat is very dangerous to human health, exercise will not only help to burn this fat, will also increase your feeling that your health is getting better.

Exercise help you in numerous ways, almost every aspect of your well being can be improved by exercise. Create time for it, at least once or twice a week.
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