All you need to make your relationship more than wonderful as a man.

We all want an awesome relationship. Sometimes, some guys think that investing fortune will make your relationship to be wow, forgetting that relationship is not the same as business. Even in the business world money is important, but not the only factor that brings success. The same thing is applicable in any relationship.

In some cases, men in their early stage in life believe that falling in love can make their relationship to last forever, but this is not always the case. I am not trying to underestimate the importance of love in any relationship. It is the bedrock of any successful relationship. There are other things that helps in spicing up a relationship. Below is a breakdown of some of them.

Be yourself

it is important I start with this point in particular. Many people had wasted their time in one relationship by trying to be someone else. You will gain nothing by trying to please other people. One of the benefits of being yourself is that it increases your self-confidence and worth in the relationship. Another benefit is that even if you are rejected at the first instance, then you will save the valuable time you would have wasted in the relationship. You are not the first person to face rejection, many successful guys that will get any girl that interest them have once faced the same situation.

Being real will also increase trust in the relationship. Stop trying to be someone you saw on a movie, be real, let her fall for the real you. But also remember that being yourself does not mean that you will not strive to improve on some of your bad habits

Be a little unpredictable

Being unpredictable can spice your relationship in a way you never imagined. When you are unpredictable, it shows her that she still have some work to do. Example: if you always call her in the morning or text her in the night, allow her to do it, too. Do not be the only one that will be calling or texting her, allow her to do it her own way sometimes.

Also, try to delay responding to her text, this will keep her in suspense and also excite her to see you on her phone. Allow her to wonder what you might be doing, disappear sometimes (not for a long time) and let her wonder what you are up to. This particular trick will spice your relationship and also keep it lively.


communication is the relationship is very important, both of you may have different communication needs, but finding a way to communicate with each other effectively is bae. As the guy, try to avoid that mindset of domination all the time. Listen to your woman to know problem. Sometimes, all she needs is just a kiss and all her problem will be solved. You can use the role playing technique, it might sound awkward in this situation, but it works. Try to be her and let her be you, for at least one to two hours. In this way, you can see yourself in her and know those places you will need to improve on. It is fun and helps in building a stronger bound.

Also be very careful on your choice of words when you are angry or any misunderstanding. Never sound as if you are attacking her. Remember that women are more emotional than realistic.
Honesty and humility will also help in improving your communication, when you are at fault try to apologize, instead of making excuses admit your mistake. It will strengthen your relationship.
Finally, try to practice the 48hrs rule. If your partner does something that makes you angry, do not tell them about it immediately. After 48hrs and you are still angry, then you can tell them. Else you have to forget about it. Avoid complaining and bringing up past issues when there are not necessary


Spending quality time with your woman is very crucial. Most women value that more than any other thing in a relationship. Spending time with her does not mean you will clear your schedule or stop hanging out with your guys, if you do that you might become a little bit boring to her. What is important here is the quality of time you spend with her, try to make each minute you spend with her very memorable to her. Always try to show her how much you love and care for her. Try to know how her day went, always allow her to talk when she want to, remember don’t be too dominating. Being serious all the time may not be a good idea, try to be playful sometimes.


Sex is amazing, it help to build intimacy and also a means of exercise. But mind you it can also ruin your relationship if you make it a priority. The truth is that it depends on personalities. Is not everybody that want sex in a relationship, some people want someone there can just share their life with.

Your happiness is our concern.Most of the topics here were not discussed in details, but we promise to touch all of them from time to time and also keep you updated. Try to add your own opinion by using the comment box below and also subscribe with us to get more interesting posts from us.

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