9 sure signs that someone Loves you. Even if they never said “I LOVE YOU”.

when you are in love.

When you hear about love, what comes to your mind? Why do you have that smile on your face? Now the big question, what is love? Yes, love. Many people have different opinions and definitions when you talk about love. Love is a part of our life.

9 signs that shows you are in love
9 signs that shows you are in love

Love is the most amazing feeling in your heart and the most peaceful thing your soul can ever come across. I’m going to take you on a ride about love, as long as you stay in this post and sign up with this blog.

9 amazing signs someone loves you or someone loves you.

You love to see them happy

Love is about the happiness of the other person. You can say that you love everyone around you and always want them to be happy. But this is different. This is unlike the normal happiness. You can even go extra miles just to see a smile on their face. You love to see smiles on their face, especially if you are the reason behind the smile.

You can’t stop staring at them.

This is crazy fact. Whenever your love is around, you can hardly skip looking at them, even for a second. You can’t just afford to take your eyes off them. Sometimes, when they are absent, you just keep staring on their picture or any of their belongings around you. This is when the unforeseen fantasies will start arising. Lol, if you ever fell in love, you will understand this better.

You can’t stop thinking about them

Thinking about the person becomes a reflex action. It might just be an ordinary friendship, but when you can’t just stop thinking about the person, just know it’s not your fault, you are probably in love dear. You can pretend or even deny the fact, but believe me you can’t get them out of your thoughts even if you try, the crazy thought just keep coming back.

Spending time together becomes your favorite

Just as you love to spend time with your family which signifies your love for them. Yes, it also applies the other way. You love to spend time with someone you love.

Lovers spending time together
Lovers spending time together

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You don’t want them to leave, not even for a moment. When they are leaving, the only thing you can think of is the next time you will see them. Dear is not your fault, is just the nature of the force controlling you.

Feeling jealous

This is a very important factor. If he/she doesn’t feel jealous when you are with another person especially the opposite sex, then he/she is not in love with you. Sometimes you may try to deny it, but your reactions will always show that you were jealous.

Some things they do will hurt your feelings

This is not an emotional trauma anyway. A popular quote claims that words can’t hurt you, the only thing that can hurt your feelings is the person that said something. There are words you don’t expect to hear from someone you love. What am trying to say is that getting annoyed easily by someone can be a sign of emotional connection.

They automatically become attractive.

Lovers are always attracted to each other

For the fact that you love them, you can’t see anything wrong with them. You find them beautiful and attractive. What they do is perfect. You just automatically adjust to their nonsense. You will start seeing the inner beauty in them.

You find all He/She is saying funny

When you are very free and can laugh to almost everything someone is saying, it can also be a sign that you are in love. When he/she laughs at almost everything you say, even when you don’t find what you are saying funny. It is also a sign that he/she loves you. However, it is not always certain.

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Respect them

Lastly, you respect them. You show them how much they mean to you, by trying to avoid anything that may disrespect them. In the case of ladies, they automatically become submissive, which is a way they show their love.

Also, there are other signs someone loves you, but we try to point out the common ones. We will appreciate it, if you also give us your opinion on the comment box below. Also remember to subscribe with us, to receive all our latest post.

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