7+1 most effective ways to fight laziness.

We can find a little laziness as deserved rest. Maybe after a stressful day at work, we may desire to rest a little bit. But, it becomes a torn to your flesh, if we over do this, when we have other things to do at that moment.
To effectively fight laziness, it will require a lot of sacrifices and self-discipline. Also you need to know what is causing your laziness. We advise you check out our post on the common causes of laziness.
Now, let us focus on 8 most effective ways you can fight laziness.

1. Figure out the cause of your reluctance.

Figuring out what is making you lazy is something you should always do, whenever you feel lazy. Laziness is mostly a symptom of a problem and not the actual problem itself. Knowing why you are lying there, can be the main problem. Are you tired, depressed, stressed, lack the skills to effectively do what you want to do?
Once you discover this, you will find out that you have solved half of the problem. Now, try to find the possible way to address this problem. If it is tiredness, then get some rest. Lack of motivation, then find ways you can motivate yourself. Maybe, by listening to audio, reading the right books or even reading this kind of article on the internet.

2. Get motivation.

Depression makes you feel lazy. You can do more by getting yourself motivated.

This point cannot be over emphasized. Like I said in the previous article on the causes of laziness, you cannot enjoy what you are doing, when nothing is motivating you about it. Maybe you have chosen the wrong career part, instead of complaining about it all the time and end up achieving nothing, at the end of the day. Find possible ways to motivate yourself to do more, give yourself reasons to be focused. Although it is always advisable to choose the career part that we will enjoy.
You can also motivate yourself, by rewarding yourself for every task you accomplish. Regardless of how small the reward might be. We as human tend to do things zealously, when we know there is a reward at the end.

3. Start taking actions.

Instead of lying there and making all the biggest plans in the universe in your head. Why not start doing the little you can now? When we start taking actions and applying all the necessary discipline, we will be amazed on the kind of success we will achieve.
Instead of thinking on how to tidy up the entire house, you can just decide to start by tidying up your own room. Bulky stuffs tend to overwhelm us, our body will start triggering the mind that it doesn’t have enough energy to carry out the whole task.
Therefore, instead of starting up an online store bigger than amazon, you may decide to open a smaller one that can provide the needs of people in your locality. One day your small online shop will definitely grow beyond your expectation.

4. Physical exercise.

If there is any activity that has effect on almost every part of your life, then it is exercise. When next you feel very reluctant to do things, I think you should indulge in simple exercising activity. This doesn’t need much explanation.
When you workout, your blood will flow and you will feel alive. The alertness of your mind would trigger you to start doing something immediately. When you make this a habit too, your mind will be alert always. This gives you the motivation to do more.
Don’t forget that exercise is not just a remedy for laziness. But fighting laziness, is just one of the least things exercising can do for you. You can check out the amazing benefits of physical exercise.

5. Find out the reasons behind your actions.

When we know the reason for doing something, we tend to work with all diligence to achieve the goal. Assuming you are hosting your friends for the weekend, you will have every reason to tidy up the house. Same applies to student who is preparing for exam. He will study with more concentration than other periods.
It is advisable to discover why we are currently doing what we are doing. It will help to motivate you, once it is a genuine reason.

6. Remind yourself of your goals.

Like we said earlier to have goals, but sometimes we tend to forget these goals, if we don’t take them serious. One thing you should always do, is to pen down any goal you have. Try to remind yourself of these goals.
You can remember your goals by pasting on your mirror, dinning or any other place you can see them often. You can also tell your friends about these goals (but not all your goals), so they can also help you with motivation and also reminding of this your goals.

7. Take things gradually.

One of the major set-back we are having is procrastination. The major reason of postponing things, is when they are too difficult to handle or time-consuming. One of the ways you can fight procrastination is to break every tedious task into parts. Take it little by little, until you complete the task.
By taking things step by step, you will find it easier and closer to completing it. Large task will overwhelm and make you tired.

8. Deadlines.

Deadlines are one of the things that will make you serious. When you have no deadline, you are likely to be reluctant about completing the task. Deadline makes you to work harder. You will have little or no time to be lazy. Next time you want to do something, set a deadline!!
Bottom line.
If you must fight laziness, knowing all this tips will not be enough. It requires discipline and commitment from you. The process might be hard, but just know you are making sacrifices for your best.

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