5 specific exercise for flat tummy, recommended by professionals.

Your belly is not looking very cool and you want it to be better, we will show you how to reduce your belly fat in this post through some specific exercise for flat tummy.
Undoubtedly, Belly fat will not only look bad, but it is also a cause of many internal diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and others. It is good to control this belly fat for a healthy life and also a better shape.
However, if you are interested in having a flat tummy, it is advisable to join a physical fitness group and also to reduce your sugar intake. Also, try to involve in activities that will require moving your body parts. This will not only help you to have a flat tummy, it will also help your health in general.
Also,in order to effectively burn this fat in the abdomen, they are specific workout you should indulge in, below are four basic workout recommend for a flat tummy.

5 Specific exercise for flat tummy


A lady practicing plank, to flatten tummy and bulid ribs

This is an isometric core exercise also known as hover or abdominal bridge. It involves maintaining a similar position to push-ups for some times.
Plank usually involves your abs and spine. Plank can help to strengthen the abdomen, back and shoulders.
It is very similar to push up, but in this case you maintain a fixed position. You try to form a straight line through your body, from shoulder to ankle, try to suck your body belly button into the spine and maintain the position for as long as you can. Initially you can only do it for a short period of time. But, after consistent practice you will start doing it for a longer period.

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Upward back bend

A lady doing the puward back bend to enhance physical fitness.

This practice helps to strengthen the spine, stretches the chest and lungs. It also recommended for a flat tummy.
Begin by lying on your mat facing down. Keep your elbow tucked and your palms on the floor. Then, try to raise your chest off the ground by applying force on the ground with your palms. Go as high as you can maintain a connection through your pubis to your legs. Hold the pose from 10 to 30 seconds, release back to the floor.
However, it is not advisable to try this pose if you have a back injury, headache or if you are pregnant. It is also advisable to know the limit you can withstand especially for beginners.

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A lady with six pack practicing crunches on a mat.

Crunches are indispensable when we talk of great abs. It is designed to strengthen the core muscles, increasing flexibility. It primarily works the rectus abdominis muscle.
There are many types of crunches, but simply you can just lie on your mat facing up, place your hands behind your head, bend your knees, then try to go up and down, inhaling and exhaling air as you do this, do it repeatedly. It tends to build endurance and power in your belly muscles.

Sit UPs

A lady practicing Sit up, which is also similar to plank

Sit up have one great advantage of strengthening your core muscles. It also helps in building your abdomen too. It is very similar to crunches. The difference is that crunches requires only lifting to shoulder level while in sit-up you will continue lifting till you get to a semi-seated position. Sit-up has other benefits, apart from strengthening your muscles it also helps your flexibility too and improves posture.

Sit-up is one of the major exercise for flat tummy for you.

Why this four in particular?

There are other numerous workout that can give you a perfect belly, but we pointed these ones out because there are easy to practice and also it requires few or no equipment to carry out.

I bet you don’t know this about exercise.
If you are one of those that want a perfect abdomen, I encourage you to practice these exercises, try to create time for them because it requires only your time and commitment too.
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