35 Undeniable secrets women will never tell men, learn from it!

Recently, I had a session with ladies, from age 20 to 35. I was opportune to talk with some of them. One of the questions I asked them was “some secrets women will never tell men”.
Although, it caused a little disagreement, some of them claim that, it is not right disclosing their secrets. However, I was able to get interesting response from some of them. I also got other interesting answers from people discussing similar topic on QOURA.
I am a woman too, being in different relationships over the years, I agree with what some of them said too.

A woman with blond hair, wearing two rings, having her own secrets she will never tell men

Here are some secrets women will never tell a guy.

  1. If we are not making eye contact with you, it implies that: We are nervous, Lying, Crushing on you,In love, It can sometimes mean we are hiding something.
  2. We love neck kisses, but will never tell you.
  3. Our “periods” is a very big weapon we use to cancel plans sometimes.
  4. We respect those that respect us, even more.
  5. When a guy is nervous around us, we find it cool. It shows us many things about him.
  6. We also crush on other guys too, even if we are in a relationship with you. But the crush will only last for few days or even hours, so nothing to panic about. We only talk about their abs in your presence to get you jealous.
  7. We hate it when you talk of other girls, we just keep silent so it wouldn’t seem as if we feel insecure, but it irritates us. But we love it when your point is that we are better than other girls.
  8. it excites us to receive an unprecedented call or text from someone we love in the middle of the day.
  9. We desire earnestly for a stolen kiss or unexpected hug
  10. We love it when you introduce us to your family and friends.
  11. If we friend zone you, but you think you want more than that. Then your best strategy (Don’t work all the time) is to stop being available. Stop calling or listen when we cry. We can only re-envision our relationship with you, when we miss you.
  12. Just a casual touch can seduce the hell out of us, if we genuinely feel something for you and fantasize about you. I mean a simple touch.
  13. When we love you, we respect you more than ever, but you asking for nude images, will reduce the respect we have for you and we don’t want that to happen. So please don’t ask for nude pictures.
  14. We love sex as much as men. But we fear getting judged. So we always wait for you to make the move.
  15. We share almost everything with our best friend. No matter how little the detail might be. No secrets and is just our nature
  16. We notice every single thing men do for us, but we don’t thank about them. Also, we notice things they don’t do and we complain about them. Is not our fault, is just the girly nature.
  17. We really care about someone we love. When I say care, I mean it. But we don’t always show it, so you will not take it for granted.
  18. Most young girls watch porn. But will never admit it.
  19. On a date, whenever we say “I feel cold”, am just indirectly asking for your jacket.
  20. Most women see their father as super hero and want every man to be like him, which is almost impossible.
  21. Sometimes, we intentionally act childish in your presence.
  22. Funny enough, we already made our wedding plans, when we were in high school or kindergarten.
  23. We feel special when you sing for us. Even if your voice isn’t cool.
  24. We all want to be proposed to in a grand way.
  25. We have a space in our heart for men. Once we kick you out of this space, never mind coming back. You can try, but we will only use you to fulfill our needs. So, I advise you move on because once we kick you out, no room for you again.
  26. You are free to cry in our presence, it gives us the sense that you are human too. You care for us, that same way we want to pamper you too, just give us the opportunity to do so.
  27. We love it when you cook, but it drives us crazy when you do the dishes
  28. We really love it when you play with our hair
  29. Social media likes and comment means a lot to us
  30. We loooove it! If you can remember things, special to us.
  31. We like you, but we don’t really like your female best friend. We only try to keep up with them.
  32. Giving you attention most times doesn’t mean we like you. We are just being polite.
  33. Not all of us are gold diggers. Some of us are just looking for true love.
  34. We love guys that listen to our long stories patiently.
  35. We pretend to be irritated when you use some punch lines on us. But somewhere inside, we are really happy.

Avoid these things on your first date with her.

Some of this sounds crazy, but that’s our nature, tell me your own opinion in the comment box below and please share our post.

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