12 Basic fashion tips for guys |A guide to men’s style

Looking sharper than other guys in the room is always cool and also easy to achieve. You can judge content generally by the container, when we talk of fashion. That’s why you should try to dress confidently and classy too, as a young man. Dressing classy, requires knowing few fashion tips for guys and staying updated with regards to fashion.

A man dressed in a white suit with a black stripped tie sitting on his computer

Also, remember that your image as a young man is generally judged by the way you appear in public, I mean what we wear. So, why not dress in a way that will make people to listen to you? Interestingly, we have some basic fashion tips for men (especially for beginners), to help them project a better self image.


12 fashion tips for guys

1. Know the basis and be updated too

Read books on men style, get information from fashion magazine and get exposed to new crazy fashion ideas. This will broaden your knowledge about fashion. Remember, getting enough information is the best way to start anything.
You can do this by following amazing fashion blogs like RMRs, Jutips blog etc.. Jutips blog offers an additional benefit of giving you extra tips on your health and relationship as well.

2. Chose quality over quantity

If you must shop, then ensure all you are buying is of the best and from a trusted producer. Quality product saves extra cost as it last longer than others. But, it will not only save money, you look better in it and it also help to project a better self image. People will generally judge your class by the kinds of stuffs you are using. So, always go for the best.

3. Clean up your wardrobe periodically

A collection of different types of clothes in a wardrobe.

Always check your wardrobe, to get rid of infrequently used items there, so you can create space for replacement. Donate them to charity or burn them, depending on how you want to get rid of them.
I am not including your beloved old favorite or formalwear. Just replace the one you feel like. But the aim will be to build an interchangeable wardrobe which will contain

  • White and blue dress shirts (major component of most outfits)
  • Simple ties with a small repeating pattern
  • Different color of ties, with different stripping. With white shirt
  • Jackets, shoes, trousers

This is what you will need most of the times.

4. Wear fitted dress

If you must wear your baggy shorts or oversize shirts, then do it at home. Always remember to buy dress that fits you or can be slightly adjusted to do so.

A man wearing a black fitted suit. He is also trying to take his measurements
He is taking his measurements

If it is not your size and cannot be adjusted to your size, then don’t buy it. Always remember this rule whenever you are shopping.
I recommend that you should write down your measurement and always know the sizes of your favorite outfit, this will help you to select similar size while shopping next time.

5. Understand color contrast

Remember that your color combination can help you to stand out from a group of people and can blend you at the same time. When dressing your goal should be to mix and match your clothing in a reasonable manner.
While considering the type of colors you should wear, remember to consider your

  • complexion.
  • Hair color
  • eye color.

The relationship between these three factors will help in grading your contrast category. Find out more about color contrast.

6. Gold or Silver

When choosing your jewelries, it is advisable to be consistent with a particular metal, I strongly recommend silver or Gold. Choosing from both depends on your skin tone. Preferably, gold for people with dark skin and silver for lighter skin color. Other metals and diamond are also good.

7. Belt and suspenders

A man wearing belt on the left hand and a man wearing suspender on the right hand.
Never do both

Wearing both will really look very crazy on you, as both will just do the same work. Suspender is actually for pants or trousers without belt loop.

Empty belt loop can draw attention, so if you must use suspender, have the belt loop removed. But you can still decide to put on your jacket throughout the period of the event, if you don’t want to remove the belt loop.
However, wearing a nice leather belt is always advisable. But, you can still proudly rock your suspender, if you are a fan of that style.

8. Get good products for your hair.

Your hair is an important part of your overall look. It is a non-negotiable factor to consider while selecting your dress.
Ensure that you take proper care of your hair by drying it the right way, use good hair care products like gel, putties, wax, pomade, paste etc.. But also remember not to over use any of these products.

9. Shop with a friend

When going out to pick new collection, go with a friend that you respect his fashion style. Sales people are paid to do their job, so they are likely to tell you that anything is cool. Remember, they are just doing their job. Only a friend will tell you, if you are looking stupid in a dress.

10. Skin care

Just as your hair, get good products for your skin too. Buy products that satisfy your particular need. Weather it is dry skin, oily skin or any other skin condition.

11. Get cardigans for cool night

A man wearing cardigans ash cardigans with blue shirt and a red tie

Rocking cardigans is cool, it adds beauty to our swag most times. However, we end up giving it to a girl. when she gets cold. It is not bad anyway.

12. Confidence

This is my best advice always. Confidence helps to boost your image. When you don’t feel confident in a dress, you will think the dress is not cool. I encourage you to build self confidence as it will also help you to easily engage with the ladies.
Additionally, learn how to resist trend and avoid correcting peoples fashion taste publicly. Also ensure you appear neat all the time. Also share your in opinion on the comment box below and join our email list.

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